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Fall 2017 Courses:

Historia del Pensamiento
Prof. Francisco Herrera, ThM
August 15-16

Lutheran Confessions I
Prof. James (Jim) Fowler, DMin
August 17-18

Etica Cristiana
Prof. Javier (Jay) Alanis, PhD
October 24-25

Pastoral Arts II
Prof. Armin Stege, M.Div., M. Ed., M.A.
October 26-27

January 2018 Courses:

MDiv Borderlands Encuentro
Prof. Javier (Jay) Alanis, PhD
January 1-19

Lutheran Confessions II
Prof. James (Jim) Fowler, DMin
January 9-11

Nuevo Testamento I
Prof. Leticia Guardiola-Sainz, PhD
January 12-13

Cost: $1,100 (plus additional fees) for TEEM students; $200 for all certificate students

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