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 TheLutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS) le da la bienvenida! (welcomes you!).  


LSPS is known for its unique cultural and linguistic accent that is her trademark in theological education.  It does this through a Theological Education for Emerging Ministries Program which we call TEEM. Through this program students develop skills and sensitivity to serve the church in the midst of ambiguity, transition and diversity. They are prepared to address the changing mood and face of our country.   Its particular area of emphasis includes the following: ethnic specific ministry, inner city and rural ministry, renewal of congregations in decline and innovative mission starts. All this is done by following the candidacy requirements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in the formation of students who are prepared and qualified to serve as valued ordained rostered leaders of the ELCA


10 Ways To Be A Financial Friend to LSPS

 The Annual Operating Fund provides revenue for faculty salaries, student support, classroom resources, and programs.  For additional information about LSPS gift opportunities, contact Liz Stein at 

1.Annual Fund and Designated Gifts – LSPS depends on a growing circle of friends for its operating budget through their regular monthly, quarterly or annual gifts.  Some have an automatic payment set up from their checking accounts.  You can also donate by click on the Donate tab.

2.Matching Gifts – Many corporations have a matching gift program and match dollar for dollar or at an even higher rate.

3.Wills and Bequests – Such deferred gifts help ensure the future of LSPS.

4.Endowed Scholarships – Twenty-two endowed scholarships, including 20 Pioneer Scholarships have helped many students pay for their seminary education.  Such endowed scholarships will aid students for generations to come.

5.Property – By donating property can be a great tax savings for the donor and give the program a huge boost.

6.Insurance – A friend of LSPS has taken out a $100,000 insurance policy with LSPS as the beneficiary.  Annual premiums if paid through Wartburg, count as charitable contributions.  If you have a Thrivent policy, you have Thrivent Choice dollars that can be designated for LSPS.

7.Stocks – When giving an appreciated security, you receive a tax credit for the full value of the stock without having to declare the appreciation as income.

8.Charitable Trust Agreements – Tax savings plus regular significant income to the donor are possible through trust agreements benefitting LSPS or other charitable causes. The Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest can write the agreement as well as Wartburg Seminary, LSTC, and the ELCA Foundation.

9.Memorial Gifts and Gifts in Honor – LSPS will send appropriate cards to the families of those remembered through memorial gifts and to those honored with special gifts, e.g. beloved pastors, family members, friends, etc.  Several Pastors have asked that donations to LSPS be given in honor of their ordination anniversary in place of other gifts.

10.Gifts in kind – Livestock, grain, cotton, etc may be given advantageously if the purchaser of such gift items makes the check payable to LSPS rather than to the donor.



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